Fortify! Prints & Products

One of my favorite posts I found on the the web this past year was a girl who got sick of hearing people say “Man up” all the time, so she decided to replace it with “Fortify!” I quite like this. If you feel so inclined, buy your print at my Society6 shop starting at $17….

Queen Bey In Huffpo

This morning on of my best friends texted me “Hey! Found one of your prints on a HuffPo Women article about gifts for feminists!” And I was like HOOOOOOLYYY SHIIIIZZZZ! So that’s exciting. Check out 33 great gifts for badass women!

Girl Gang Sweet Tart Prints & Products

This print is A LOT racier than anything I’ve historically done. But I feel very strongly about women feeling powerful and positive, in whichever way that is. If you feel your best being racey and shocking, then be that! Down with putting other women down because they do things differently. Embrace all women and don’t…