About AZ

Hi, I’m Amanda Zimmerman!

I’m a digital professional with a focus in UX, web design, and graphic design. I recently moved to Chicago from Kansas City and am finding the 3rd biggest city in American to be quite the experience. I currently work at Root3 Growth Marketing as a Digital and UX Specialist. Basically, I plan-out, design for, and build WordPress websites.

Thrilling work!

No really it is. Coming from a financial institution for my first 3 jobs left me craving creativity and a desire to learn more outside of one company’s website.

As you can see my creative outlet has been, and will probably always be my own personal art. Whether that takes shape as a drawing, a digital illustration, or those cool little braided friendship bracelets we all use to make as kids (and I not so secretly still make)…. I MUST CREATE!

So here we are, here I am, nice to meetcha’!

Feel free to contact me with inquiries on my professional work and possible freelance or commissioned opportunities.