Web Design and UX: EdSystems

Back in January I started my position as Web Design & UX Specialist at a small start up company in Chicago. It has been an insane ride. I came into the company as the first Web Design and UX position they have ever hired and there were plenty of clients who were waiting on-deck. Only until the last few weeks have things slowed down. In the span of 4 months I’ve designed an launched 6 full sites, countless case studies, blogs, and landing pages.

Now that it’s slowed down it’s time to start showing off my work and revisiting the process.

This client’s website had been designed a few months before, but through edits provided by the client it had become a convoluted mess which they were no longer happy with. My job was to meet the client’s wants and needs with a redesigned site, and do it quickly. In two weeks I was able to deliver a totally reimagined site for EdSystems (See full site).

Home page




  1. I had no idea what I was doing. Truly. I had never really used WordPress in any deeper capacity than to create portfolio sites, personal blogs, etc. In the two weeks this was created I basically had to become a WordPress know-it-all. And I did
  2.  This was an existing site redesign…redesign. Their existing site didn’t have much to it, and before I had come into the picture they had agreed on a site map and content. So despite my desire to create a new architecture, we were unable to.
  3. The client was basically brought on as a favor, so we were operating under a self-imposed time line for launch which hindered the final product from being as seamless as I wanted to be.

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