The Royle Wedding Modern Portrait


Two of my friends from college got married to each other last weekend! Here’s a bit of a backstory about Wraye and Brandon’s amazing love:

They met in elementary school. They had been each others’ first “relationship” (we know how those middle school things go). They remained close friends through high school and ended up dating for real during their senior year. They both went to KU and I met them in the dorm we lived in. By chance, they were put on the same floor which was also my floor. I remember thinking “Oh my god, this relationship is going to go up in flames!” only because I’d only ever known people to date, get very serious at 18 or 19, and then break up in an explosion of tears and drama.

But not these two. They stayed true with one another. Even through break-ups and all the difficulties those college years held they found their way back to center.

And 7 years after meeting them, becoming wonderful friends with them, and sharing ridiculous days and nights with them, myself and many of our friends got to witness these two souls pledge the promises they’d been waiting to make.

Wraye’s step-mom asked me to make this portrait to hang in the reception hall. I happily obliged 🙂

**If you are interested in a commissioned piece of art please contact me at** and we can discuss what you have in mind!



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