Rainbow Sparkles Jersey Logo Prints & Products

Two years ago my aunt came to me and asked me to create a logo for her daughter’s basketball team. Their name… the Rainbow Sparkles. If that doesn’t strike fear into their opponents, I’m not sure what will. These 6 year olds had a dope name, now it was my job to give them a dope logo and mascot. So I created this thing…

I had just gotten Adobe Illustrator and had no idea what I was doing. But they accepted it anyway.

Fast forward to 2016 and I had an opportunity to redeem myself.

“A NEW DESIGN” they screamed.

“YOU GOT IT, DUDE!” I replied.

Seriously, I was more than happy to redo this. To be honesty, I’m kind of embarrassed by how bad it was.


But when you’re teaching yourself to be a graphic designer there’s a whole lot of space to make some really bad pieces.

Anyway, ff you feel so inclined, buy your print at my Society6 shop starting at $17.

Also available in other products such as cups, shirts, phone and laptop cases, bags, pillows, blankets, and more!


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